The Science of Magic is a 21st century development of a 30-year collaboration between C.G. Jung, father of archetypal psychology, and Wolfgang Pauli, father of modern science.

Remo Roth’s interpretation and analysis on his website served as the scientific foundation for her two decades tracking a new modernist movement sourced in the emerging archetype of the Hieros Gamos, which the pioneers of psychology and science agreed to be the icon of the 21st century in a correspondence gifted to Roth by his mentor, Jung’s disciple Marie Louse von Franz.

Dr. Streitfeld established a theoretical foundation for this new science in a series of international papers on the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle delivered in Dublin (2009), Berlin (2010) and Los Angeles (2012). As a result, she recognized her role as chronicler of a new continental philosophy, the Conversion, originating in the EGS Media Lab and culminating in the final Schirmacher session in August 2014.

She declared SAAS-FEE: THE EVENT/THE THIRD (HuffPost, September 9, 2014)as a cross-disciplinary quantum leap into this new icon catalyzed by Alain Badiou in person, as his Evening lecture on the Event started the domino effect.