Hieros Gamos: The Yod

In early 1997, Halle Bop turned the eyes of humanity to the heavens. Just as the Star of Bethlehem heralded the birth of Jesus in 7 B.C.E., this comet alerted astrologers to a historical configuration in the heavens. This beacon of light pointed to a new cosmology forming under an Emergent configuration. On January 23, 1997, the horizon, the sun, moon opposition, and three planets were lined up in a hexagram, the symbol of the Star of David. Many believed this to be the gateway to the Age of Aquarius.

Since that time, evidence has turned up that Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli agreed that the hieros gamos,, or sacred marriage of opposites, is the icon for the Age of Aquarius; yet, they couldn’t agree on the form. Pauli believed it to be the Seal of Solomon while Jung believed to be the quaternity. The cosmology of January 23,1997 points to Pauli’s conclusion.

In the burst of publicity received before his death, Joseph Campbell assured us that the new myth of a new age would deliver the new archetypes. With the cosmology of the six-pointed star, we have a myth that delivers us right back to the Sacred Marriage Rites of ancient Sumer, where history was first recorded. Astrologers — with our fluency in symbols – were prepared to interpret the cosmology. But what about the myth? How do pinpoint when and where the hieros gamos is unfolding today? How can we prepare through rituals of initiation that will expedite the awakening of the hieros gamos?

I have found an answer in the rediscovery of an overlooked, yet crucial configuration – the yod. The use of the yod in ritual activates the alchemical marriage of western logic with the intuitive worldview of the ancients. In 1997, I wrote an essay declaring that the yod would be instrumental in determining the artists ushering in the new archetypes. I then became a newspaper art critic, utilizing the astrological chart at every opportunity to detect the yod in space and its activation in time; this applied to both the making and the viewing of the work. For the following seven years, I initiated rituals with the yod while examining the role the configuration plays in the breakdown of the patriarchal archetypes and the formation of the holistic Self, and ultimately, in the creation of new forms leading to the hieros gamos. This work reached an apex in April of 2005, when I launched an experiment utilizing the mystical power of the yod to usher the hieros gamos into a select group of avant-garde artists. This year, I utilized the power of the yod to inaugurate a historical art exhibition, “Icons of the 21st Century,” which contained an international group of artists.

The article is in two parts: the first is the original 1997 essay which interprets the yod as divining rod in the unfolding of a new mythology. The second reports the results of my avant-garde experiments.

Dr. Lisa Paul Streitfeld


The dawn of a new age brings by necessity a new myth. No matter what the origin, of humanity is equally united in the mysterious unfolding from implicate to explicate order (Fig. 1) of the Aquarian Age mythology as it takes hold in the universal unconscious.

Like the ancient priests, we modern day astrologers are equipped — with our fluency in symbols and mystical diagrams of energy flows — to interpret a new mythology in the making for the collective. How then, do we navigate the critical passage from the millennial breakdown of the patriarchal archetypes into a new expression of equal partnership?

The key lies with the mystical yod: a rediscovery of this crucial configuration can be achieved through the integration of western logic with the intuitive worldview of the ancients. The latent power of this geometrical figure where two quincunxes meet a sextile is capable of unlocking the emerging Aquarian Age archetype of the hieros gamos (Greek for sacred marriage) from the universal unconscious and delivering it to the collective.

The configuration of 2 x 150 degrees as the passage to the embodiment/containment of opposites 180 degrees) is telling how the indirect approach to reconciliation is the most triumphant: it takes time to establish the increments of awareness that can meet the direct challenge of the opposition that could potentially destroy us without proper preparation.


Fig. 2. David Bohm’s binary Implicate/Explicate Order.

We can see how David Bohm’s comprehensive theory of the Implicate/Explicate Order (Fig. 2) explains how certain visionary individuals can pass through the Center (D) of a Yod to connect with the Emergent configuration of a new archetype in formation.

Since 1997, I have been examining the formative role the Yod has played in the breakdown of the patriarchal archetypes and the formation of the holistic Self. In 2005, I launched an experiment with the international avant-garde utilizing the mystical power of the yod to bring the hieros gamos into the collective consciousness.


Rituals were created for the first time by divinity as the method of embodiment of the icon ruling the age — to be forever reenacted by archaic peoples (Eliade, ). Today, we can imitate this ancient practice by initiating a new mythology through ceremonies and rituals timed to cosmological events.

Mircea Eliade, the great teacher of comparative religion who informed us of this heterogamy, cautioned us with a warning of the difficulties in becoming a divine channel in illo tempore:a new mythology can only be born on sacred ground.


Fig. 4. The Eliade Formula for Sacred Reality = Force + Duration + Effectiveness

This condition is the paradox of the Emergent Aquarian Age; how do we prepare a sacred ground to initiate a new icon when sacred ground itself requires the icon in order to become sacred?

Before we enter this Heidegerrian dilemma, we must define the sacred.

Eliade has stated that for something to sacred, it has to be real (Eliade,). The symbol for the center of sacred reality is the cosmic mountain, where the ancients constructed an environment of worship to communicate with the gods.

Fig. 5: Mt. Meru is known as the Sacred mountain of India.

In defining the SACRED CENTER as “absolute reality,” Eliade states that every sacred city, temple or palace is a cosmic mountain, the highest point on earth and, at the same time, the naval of the earth (Eliade, ). All sacred construction was, therefore, intended as the absolute center of reality.


Not only were churches built on the sites of the ancient temples, but the secret goal of the freemasons to replace the exiled feminine half of deity lost to Christianity resulted in the integration of sacred symbols into these structures.

Fig. 4: The Christian Trinity of Father/Son/Holy Spirit was adapted from the trinity in Babylon: Nimrod/Tummuz/Semiramis.

While many seekers are drawn to ancient sites today in hopes of an awakening, we have no modern structural counterparts to contain the spirit of a new zeitgeist built to reflect the current map of the changing cosmos.

Fig. 5: The Yod is at the Sacred Center of this Crop Circle of the Hieros Gamos. https://temporarytemples.co.uk/project/barton-stacey-201Marie Louise Von Franz revealed that the concept of the archetypal cannot be easily assimilated into modern western thought. We lack the linguistic forms to image a process or activity that has no material carrier: “Ancient cultures expressed these pure, eternal processes as gods, that is, powers or lines of action through which spirit is concretized into energy and matter” (Von Franz, ).

The invention of a language for the psychological processes in the unconscious by C.G. Jung allows us to communicate the role played by symbols in the unfolding of universal events in the collective consciousness.

FIG. 5: A Crop Circle with a central circle at the center of a Yod in Conebury Hedge on July 8, 2018

This indeed may be the function of the repeated pattern of Crop Circles that create more variations of sacred symbols than any human being could imagine.


Astrology is a language of symbols. It stands to reason that the most mystical symbol in this rich visual language of ours is also the most overlooked. Yet here is the configuration contained in the symbol for Mercury.

The yod as a symbol is evident in astrology as contained in the sign for Mercury, ruler of alchemy.

Mercury represents the mind. Mercury is the quicksilver metal for processing the chemical reaction. The speed at which mental images are processed reveals the state of consciousness. The center of the circle where the 3 points of the Yod meet represent unity, a state of bliss beyond thinking.

Fig. 6: The natural astrological Yod has the Apex at Zero Aries, the Spring Equinox.

Other configurations, like the T-Square or Grand Trine, depict the energy dynamic within the individual reflected in personality traits. This is not true with the yod, which corresponds to the dynamic interaction between personality (Aires) with hidden motivations within the inner psychology (Scorpio) and the adaption to the . environment (Virgo). In its basic manifestation, the yod reveals a poor coping mechanism with life. Once subconscious patterns have been confronted and healed, the energy constellation of the yod is cable of reflecting the process of embodiment (Virgo) of the psychological archetype (Scorpio) forming in the unconscious.

Von Franz compares the widespread dissemination of a new archetype to a rumor, coming into wide acceptance only when the underlying archetypal structure in the collective unconscious is activated, i.e. charged with energy.

Astrology reveals how Yods are established as an underlying structure in the collective unconscious. Here is the major Yod activating the author’s native Yod at this writing:

Fig. 7: The Yod in this chart is Mercury at the apex of Neptune sextile Pluto. The Sun/Venus/Mars Conjunction triggers the Pluto Apex ofthe author’s Yod with her Sun/Moon that has kept this knowledge underground for 22 years. As I was writing this caption the landlord appeared with a snake to unstop my blocked pipes.


We have seen how the Yod serves as a symbol of the Emergent shall now examine how the yod serves as a both a symbol and container for spirit on the way to being concretized into matter. We do this by inserting the yod into Eliade’s formula for Sacred Reality = Force + Duration +Effectiveness.

My 1997 AHA Moment was to place all three conditions into a Yod.

Three is the number of creativity and all three elements (force + effectiveness + duration) are essential for the creative manifestation of sacred reality (The Sacred Marriage of Sun/Moon).

Let’s create a new Yod labeling the three factors and a fourth Point of Intersection (D) with Sacred Reality as the Center of a dynamic intersection of opposites.

Fig. 8: Three is the number of creativity and all three elements (force + effectiveness + duration) are essential for the creative manifestation of sacred reality (The Sacred Marriage of Sun/Moon).

The force at the apex (0 degrees Aires) represents the renewal of the life force at the Spring Equinox. The apex of the natural yod (0 degrees Aires on the ascendant of the natural wheel) forms two inconjuncts at the cusp of the sixth and eighth houses.

These energy points comprise the duration of fixed water, or Scorpio (the unseen spirit), with the effectiveness of mutable earth, or Virgo (physical form). By placing Eliade’s equation for sacred reality in the yod configuration, we can learn details of the emerging archetypes of the Aquarian Age.


Fig. 9: The sacred center is the place of death and rebirth. The ancients reflected this cycle of the “eternal return” by placing graves in the middle of pyramids and sacred Neolithic sites.

The sacred center is the place of death and rebirth. The ancients reflected this cycle of the “eternal return” by placing graves in the middle of pyramids and sacred Neolithic sites.

Moreover, the site selected for the pyramids at Giza in Egypt, the most widely recognized man-made “cosmic mountains” on earth, is the center of the earth’s land mass. The mysterious “pyramid power” can be explained by the placement of the yod configuration at the base, representing the earth, while the walls of the pyramid rose to the heavens converging at the apex. The pyramid shaped stone at the top of the Egyptian pyramids was placed in a manner to be hit by the first ray of sun at dawn, representing a rebirth. The represented the immortal kernel of the soul of the dead person appearing at resurrection and uniting with the cosmic god, Atun, without sacrificing his individual identity.

While the face of a pyramid is a yod, the pyramids themselves, with their subterranean and upward passages to secret chambers, are sacred centers where heaven, earth and hell all come together.


Fig. 9. Bernadette of Lourdes was born under a major Yod with Chiron at Zero Virgo (The Virgin) at the Apex.

Resonance, the manifestation of the divine in the body, is found in the descriptive metaphor for the efficacious yod: the Finger of God. Appearing in the form of syncronistic events, what the Christians called “miracles,” the “showering of revelations” from the heavens were depicted in medieval images, Renaissance paintings and folk art as a hand of God pointing through the clouds. These “miracles” were symbolized by the actual image of God interfering with his creation.

An activated yod, therefore, creates events in the life of an individual that seem delivered from God. These arrive in the form of syncronicities which provide essential feedback that action taken towards an individual destiny is in accordance with a higher plan. For example, the yod is extremely prominent in the natal astrological chart of Bernadette of Lourdes (Fig. 9) who sighted the Virgin.

Virgo at the apex is the constellation of the Virgin. Such sightings have offered proof of miracles to Christians. As we enter a non-mechanistic scientific paradigm, there is growing belief of this view of the universe in which new creations are always possible. (von Franz, 130)


Fig. 10: Chaos Theory reveals how the activated Yod either creates the AHA Moment leading to a higher level of resonance or activates the unconscious pattern of behavior appearing chaotic on the surface.

As the mechanistic view of the universe breaks down, we enter the Aquarian Age with a growing consensus among various disciplines of the interconnectedness of life and the underlying patterns of the universe. Jung always spoke of the human psyche as mysterious, yet astrologers have a privileged insight into its functioning. By examining the cosmic energy map, we can analyze the messages contained within sacred geometry and their meaning to humanity.

The Chaos Revolution provided an essential scientific understanding of the conditions for the “sacred reality” in which a new mythology can unfold in the human psyche. With Chaos Theory, scientists have supported Jung’s pioneering views regarding syncronicities with the scientific understanding that underlying what appears to be disorder is an unpredictable but orderly sequence of events.

Patterns in nature have become recognizable to the human eye through computerized fractals depicting self-organizing patterns and rhythms in what appears to be random systems. Contained within these images are the saddle points, where energy congregates with the potential of traveling in the same or different directions. Essentially, the ingestion of chaos through an irregularity, or strange attractor, catalyzes an energy field into a potentially new level of complex organization in which exists the power of archetypes (or planetary configurations) to attract like magnets.

The original definition for Chaos was opening, or abyss. Ka-Os was the primordial goddess from which all acts of creation arose. Both metaphorically and energetically, the “FINGER OF GOD” points to “time reversing itself.” Through theses shifts in consciousness we experience an opening to the creation of a constellation or archetype on its passage into the collective consciousness. While this evolutionary process takes many years, the location, timing and message of yod configurations can lead us to an essential understanding of the particular birth circumstance.


Fig. 11: Michael Conforti’s Field Theory explains the Yod activation as a potential moment of self-realization

The relatively new discipline of field theory offers a scientific lens to the drama between archetypal energies arising from the transition Of a system from stability to instability and the moment of potentiality: leaping into Uncertainty via an unrecognizable pattern.

Michael Conforti explains the process: “We are forced into a bifurcation point, where we can either dampen down this new information and return to the habitual or we can learn something totally new, which is where the real opportunity for change enters.”

Fig. 12: the Pendulum motion reveals how change occurs with energy dynamism, where the escape from the habitual pattern can be located.find

Change and transformation occur when there is resonance in the system, a manifestation of the opening of the crown chakra. At this passage, we enter the divine stillness of a new archetypal pattern of unity. An accurate reading of the transits and progressions to a natal yod, of a person or event, manifest an Event as a predetermined process. This methodology developed over three decades is a calculated activation of unconscious archetypes affecting conscious behavior towards the Emergent or Sacred Center.

For example, a yod was present when the hieros gamos constellation was reactivated on January 24, 2005 when the full moon was in the same degree of Aquarius/Leo as on January 23, 1997. This date marked the beginning of a series of performances to activate the Hieros Gamos constellation through the Yod as a form of Dousing Rod.


The yod effectively brought this constellation of the Self, the archetype to supercede all the other (patriarchal) archetypes, into personal myth through the Saturn in Cancer activation of the Neptune-Pluto sextile, in effect for the past half century. This “super” archetype which Jung referred to as the Self is explained as a psychic reality that cannot be perceived by that which it encompasses – the ego. The yod, symbolized by the Finger of God, is the divine tool that can bring this psychic reality into body consciousness.

Let us turn now to the geometry of the hard-to-detect yod in astrology. From there, we can see how it leads us to this body awareness of the hieros gamos. Two planets form an inconjunct, a 150 degree aspect formed between signs which have nothing in common either in element and triplicity, united by sextile between two planets of complimentary genders — either masculine air and fire or the feminine water and earth.

The yod can be analogous to a sexual battle where both partners expect the other to surrender control while a mediator opens a small window of opportunity for reconciliation. Once the window (prompted usually by a planetary transit over the yod) shuts down, players are either united in common purpose or waring worse than before. There is no simple solution to the frustration involved in the struggle for reconciliation between conflicting energies. The only requirement for integration is absolute surrender.

In essence, the Finger of God points to this loss of will. This is where the patriarchy, with all of its adolescent excesses, is headed. The Piscean Age image at the end of this process is Christ on the cross. see how the human figure in the position of surrender creates a Yod with the feet at the Apex.

For the Age of Aquarius, it is the sacred marriage, where masculine and feminine of the four elements alchemically merge into the fifth element — ether. Ether is the makeup of the seventh chakra, the crown of the head, where the sacred union takes place.

For this evolutionary process to occur, an individual must arrive at an authentic place of not knowing, where all that we believed to be true has collapsed in doubt. This is the shattering effect of the Uranus transit. In the tarot, the image is the burning Tower. When we get to this place, we are forced to relinquish all accumulated knowledge, like Inanna stripping off her symbols of power while passing through the seven gates to the underworld where she stands naked to meet her fate. In complexity theory, the place of not knowing is the bifurcation point, a place of nuance and grace. At this sacred place, we stand perfectly still and wait for the light to penetrate through the crown, the place of the Sacred Marriage between the opposites of left/right brain. From this position of acute self-awareness, we begin to move in an entirely new way. According to Conforti, pattern recognition is crucial to inferring the past. By understanding where we came from we can surrender to the present moment without falling into habitual reactions. Here we stand at sacred moment between death and rebirth.


16. The sacred center (D) of the yod is found at the convergence point of all three lines (A+B+C). In this place, life begins anew at the Spring Equinox. The burst of life force, symbolized by the sprouted seed of the Aries glyph, creates a potential for spiritual rebirth, the phoenix rising from the ashes due to the alchemical fusion of smoke (Scorpio) and fire (Aires).

This transformational cycle of the Self is the true gift of the yod. How difficult it is to see such a life-affirming gift of spirit when we dwell so firmly in the world (the Virgo smothering the fire with doubt). Yet the Virgo grounding is essential for the Center (D) to hold firm the energies of the opposites. When the yod is activated, the alternative to integration is entropy – the chaotic leakage of energy from a system that cannot be reclaimed in any form. How many of us with prominent yods know this feeling from the obsessive-compulsive tendencies the configuration works on the unaware body?

Through an examination of the formation of yods, we astrologers can track a constellation of energy as it moves from the universal unconscious into collective consciousness. For the ancient Greeks, rebirth out of the ashes was symbolized the ancient mystery of the dying and resurrected god (Dumuzi in Sumer and Tammuz in Babylon) in the most literal form. To commemorate this mystery, a temple dedicated to the phoenix was created at the ancient site Heliopolis. The phoenix, says Conforti, is a symbol of the psyche’s resilience — its capacity to transform and convert chaos, destruction and dread into meaning and new life.*

So, if this synchronous experience of death and rebirth is the gift of the yod, why aren’t more of us dedicated to working with these energies? The answer could well be fear. The potent energy fields of an activated yod are dangerous. On one hand, they promise the blissful union of the Sacred Marriage. On the other, they hold out the specter of old patterns wherein lies our entrapment by fate.


17. Eye of the Devil. In the ancient German sign of the eye of the dragon, the yod is placed within a downward triangle. This symbol was utilized for the highly poisonous and inflammable substance of phosphorus.

This opposition is a reflection of the larger dualistic world in which we live; where there is light and good also exists darkness and evil. Saturn separates the world into this duality. This earthly aspect of the eternal God is depicted as Old Man with his scythe and hourglass. Christians turned this figure into the devil. Here we find this figure of fate associated with the yod.

Here the yod is presented as a choice between good and evil in the presence of threat. The Pythagoreans used the symbol of the yod to present unconscious fate versus conscious destiny: the vertical line represented life’s path, with the convergence point representing the choice between good (right) and evil (left). In our figure, we can see how, on one hand, there is the power of A + D (the opposition) to create the blissful union of the sacred marriage. While on the other, there is the potential for the arising of debilitating archetypal patterns leading to entrapment by fate.

Fate is known as the dark side of God. The yod crystalizes fate into a moment of a poor choice, or choice not taken — what happens when the energies of the yod implode through bad timing or a failure to act. Take symbol of Old Man Saturn and his hourglass. When the time is ripe for yod activation either by transit or human catalyst, the passing of the sands from one container to another results in one of two possibilities: success or failure. Either an individual expands into a higher state of awareness by moving into the challenge presented by the yod or they shrink from the challenge and regress into debilitating patterns.

Mastering timing, as athletes know, takes a great deal of time and practice, Preparation underground is required to act in the face of uncertainty. This condition explains why individuals with prominent yods in their natal charts are fated to experience so much crises in their early lives. The cosmic intent is to awaken the individual to their life purpose. When destiny calls, the time for preparation is over and the constellation of energy building in the unconscious is ripe for conscious manifestation. Let us turn our attention to the figure below to observe the process of yod activation in the psyche and the requirement for pro-activity.

The vertical line represents the life’s path, with the convergence (or bifurcation) point (X) representing the choice between the right, or good (B), and the left, or evil (C).* On one hand, there is the power of one (A) plus one (D) to create a third (A+D=X) — the promise the blissful union of the sacred marriage (A). On the other, the debilitating archetypal patterns leading to entrapment by fate, or entropy. To pass through this critical juncture without awareness of the center is to fall into the realm of the shadow, the path of evil. We can see in the figure below how awareness of the opposition (A+D) provides the critical feedback loop, enabling last minute adjustments before the loss of energy results in the inevitable fall.

There remains hope for humanity during this most difficult passage. To be prepared when the potent energy of a yod is activated is to consciously evoke Ka-Os, the primordial Goddess of creation who predated all the Greek goddesses of causality, in manifesting new action in the implicate order. Once this will to act has been determined, there is simply the inevitably to events manifesting in the explicate order.

Not even the most proficient of astrologers can predict the outcome of a fully activated yod, but we do have detailed knowledge of timing. Working in accordance with timing is key to influencing the passage of intent from implicate to explicate order. By following the example of the ancients and consciously utilizing ritual to access the sacred reality of the yod at the transformational convergence point, we can become procreative forces in our own life dramas, thereby smoothing a potentially disruptive passage into the liberating archetypes of the Aquarian Age.


On January 23, 1997, a new cosmology arrived with the Neptune/Uranus conjunction in Aquarius – a six pointed star formed from the sun/moon opposition and three other planets in relationship to the earth’s horizon. Marked the appearance of Halle Bop, which spurred many inhabitants of earth to look upwards, this integration between heaven and earth was interpreted by many astrologers as the gateway to the Aquarian Age. In fact, the six-pointed star is the symbol of a new age. Combining the tantric symbol for the feminine (the triangle pointing downward) with the tantric symbol for the masculine (the triangle pointing upward), this divine unity of opposites is known as the Seal of Solomon or the hieros gamos (Greek for sacred marriage), the guiding symbol for the Age of Aquarius. Likewise, a pair of yods forming open triangles in opposing directions creates a symbol of gender integration. The conscious return of the sacred feminine was shepherded by the entrance of Saturn into Cancer in early 2003 which created a yod with the transiting Pluto sextile Neptune.

Here we have the chart of the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction exact at Zero Aquarius activating the North Node in the Hieros Gamos Configuration birth chart.

Our task on earth is to recognize the role the cosmology of the yod plays in grounding the divine energy flowing into the psyche. The Virgo apex point represents the literal earth — the material of the human body that Sumerians myths molded into figures on the clay tablets relating the myth of the sacred marriage.

We physically utilize the open form of the yod in the dousing rod. Here vibrations held in the earth are transmitted to the individual holding the instrument through the two intersecting rods. And so it goes in the heavens; attunement to the yod enables us to regard the open human psyche as a container for the absorption of the divine energies flowing into our environment. By meditating on this divine representation of the human vulva, and adjusting our environment (Virgo) and inner psychology (Scorpio) accordingly, we can utilize the power of yods in our personal and collective lives. Here we align our physical bodies with the passage guiding the Aquarian Age icon – the hieros gamos – onto earth.

The symbolic blueprint of hieros gamos was in the sky for the spirit of humanity to absorb in January 1997. Seven years later, the cosmology leads us to the recognition of a new image of the sacred in earthly form. Like the biblical journey of the three wise men following the Star of Bethlehem to the birthplace of Jesus, yods serve as the Holy Grail guiding us to the birth of the Aquarian Age icon in the human temple – our physical bodies.


In order to encounter the images at the root of western causality, we don’t have to venture further than the greatly feared yet respected Greek goddesses: Anake (Necessity), Dike (Justice), Heimarmene (Allotted Fate) and Nemesis (Retribution). The word necessity is related to the Latin necto (“I bind”) and nexus (“bound”).

As we have witnessed in our diagrams, fate is the inevitable result of a deficiency in ego consciousness, or self awareness, resulting in a “binding” to worn patterns. The Yod reveals this energy deficiency as neurotic behavior, specifically obsessive (Scorpio) compulsive ((Virgo) disorder.

While the quality of a moment in time can be interpreted by studying cosmic maps, the choice of direction taken by an individual whose yod is activated cannot be predetermined. The outcome of any action, or non-action, related to the yod is dependent on the feedback loop affecting awareness.

Consider, for example, the acausal orderedness immediately resulting from a conscious choice to embark on the path of wholeness and unity. These “miracles” are the result of syncronicities, defined by Jung as “acts of creation in time.”

This is where the energy resulting from a Yod activation is contained in the Sacred Center (D) and projected outward to the horizon as the Emerged archetype of the Hieros Gamos. The Sacred Marriage of Heaven & Earth is how the helical rising of Venus on the Eastern horizon at dawn as the Morning Star, or the Western horizon at dusk as the Evening Star, was perceived as a holistic deity of worship.


Syncronicities abound for the destined individual who acts in accordance with time. Conversely, the individual who fails to react under the same circumstances is subject to the law of causality; Instead of energy charged syncronicities propelling one down their path as if gently prodded by the “Finger of God”, there are only the draining projections of entropic chaos. Fashion images of “heroin chic” staring out of slick magazines at the turn of the millennium were society’s dark mirrors for those who had the potential and the opportunity, yet failed to step through the open door towards the liberating new archetypes.

As the modern mechanistic view of the universe breaks down, we enter the Aquarian Age with a growing consensus among various disciplines of the interconnectedness of life and the underlying patterns of the universe. Jung always spoke of the human psyche as mysterious, yet astrologers have a privileged insight into its functioning. By examining the cosmic energy map, we can analyze the messages contained within sacred geometry and their meaning to humanity.

In “Part Two:Applications” we will examine the Yod in Astrology, how the Finger of God was activated in The Beatles story as the birth of the Aquarian archetype taking place as an interactive exchange of information and knowledge regarding Beatles hermeneutics over fifty years.

Dr. Lisa Paul Streitfeld