In Mundane Astrology, Jupiter and Saturn are known as the ‘Great Chronocrators.’ The chronocrators, are ‘markers” and/or ‘rulers’ of time’ and are the periodic conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn that occur every 20 years. »

— Theodore White, Mundane Astrologer

The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the Winter Solstice 2020 coincides with the December 25 birth date on the Christian calendar for the birth of Jesus, icon for the Age of Pisces.

Thé Gréât Conjunctions 1583-1763

The 2020 timing of this periodic conjunction therefore indicates the shifting of archetypes from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. There are seven phenomenon presented here arriving at the ontology of the Aquarian iconography forecast by the 20th century prophets Carl Jung & Wolfgang Pauli.

The Great Conjunction horoscope is a  spectacular holistic configuration, infinitely complex yet simple in its symmetrical balance of opposites, is the configuration of The Great Conjunction shifting to holistic, unified, cyclical time
This spectacular holistic configuration, infinitely complex yet simple in its symmetrical balance of opposites, is the pattern of The Great Conjunction shift to holistic, unified, cyclical time — anticipated by a 2008 performance under a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Aquarius. (“Hieros Gamos 2008/2020” Digital collage by Lisa Streitfeld)

« In antiquity, Jupiter and Saturn were the slowest-moving planets in the then-known solar system. Their conjunctions and oppositions were perceived by the ancients as being particularly significant. Their celestial configurations always indicated important world events, as well as the beginning and ending of vital periods of time, »

Theodore White

This chart is balanced between duality (Yin/Yang), the four (earth, air, fire, water)
and the trident (angular/succèdent/cadent houses).
( Astrological Chart of the 2020 Great Conjunction by Theodore White )

This is one in a 20-year cycle of past, present and future Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction dates: Feb 18, 1961; Dec 31, 1980; Mar 04, 1981; Jul 24, 1981; May 28, 2000; Dec 21, 2020; Oct 31, 2040; Apr 07, 2060.

So, what makes this one so special to be known as THE GREAT CONJUNCTION?

FIRST, it arrives with the Quantum Wave Collapse shifting humanity out of the dissolution of Piscean archetypes — into the emergent holistic archetype of the Self. This process takes place through the ongoing surrender required of the Uber Yod forming over the past three years.

The Finger of God began pointing down from Heaven on the Great American Eclipse of 2017 and was crystallized during the LEO NEW MOON under the GREAT PAUSE OF 2020 … to define a new law of attraction as the dynamism of equal gender opposites under the VENUS RESURRECTION 2020.

SECOND, the two planets merge into the mysterium conjunction, which has not happened since 1623.

The mysterium conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn @ Zero Aquarius on December 21, 2020 will make a new Star of Bethlehem the magis, who were great astrologers, followed to the birth of Jesus Christ.

THIRD, it takes place on one of the four crossing points of the year. The Winter Solstice was the pagan celebration of the longest night of the year. This crossing point was worshipped as the birth of the New Sun/Son, as the light would get brighter as the growing daylight overcame the darkness of the winter.

The equinoxes are the balance while the solstices are the saturation point of either light (summer) or darkness (winter). The Return of the Sun at the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, marks the crossing point at which the Sun increases in light. The Christians timed the birth of Jesus at Christmas as the New Sun/Son of a new astrological era: the Age of Pisces.

FOURTH, the conjunction is at what is known as the Aries Point. The Aires Point is the zero degrees of a sign, marking the new beginning reflected in the sign of Aries, as the head of the ram, signifying the sprouting of the seed.

“Aries Ram” Astro collage by Lisa Streitfeld 2020.

FIFTH, this New Beginning of the Aries Point comes in the sign of Aquarius, the sign of the Aquarian Age. This diagram marks the beginning of the Age of Aquarius as 2012 AD, in timing with the historic Venus Transit of the Sun (June 7, 2012).

The earth’s 23 degree tilt rotation does not make a circle but an oval, known as the precessional cycle. When the point of the oval aligns with the North Star in an imaginary line through the Zero degree of theVernal Equinox to the beginning of a new constellation signals a shift in the Age and worship of the icon ruling the New Age. In this case, the New Age is Aquarius and the icon is the Hieros Gamos.

This diagram depicts the shifting of the ages phenomenon known as precession. The earth rotates on a tilt of 23 degrees. When the Vernal (Spring) Equinox shifts from one zodiac house (30 degrees each) to another, we experience the shift into a new astrological age.
Diagram Source: https://sciencemonday.

The central point where above/below meet is the axis mundi, the center if the world. This is the place, between the opposites, where we expe to experience the return of Christ.

Contrary to expectations, this Is not an outer place or figure but an internal archetype…the Hieros Gamos icon personified by Jesus in the last turning of the ages.

However, in the Age of Pisces, with the symbol of the two fishes, the Shadow was externalized by the Christian religion. With the resurrection of the Christ archetype in the year 2000, the Shadow is embodied. This diagram is a 360 perspective of time that is both linear and cyclical.

This is a holistic perspective of time as the DNA evolutionary spiral. The Sine Wave Diagram of Long Term History marks the year 2,000 as the entrance to the Age of Aquarius as a turning point from the Kingdom of the World to the Kingdom of Heaven.

SIXTH, the Great Conjunction falls on the fixed star Altair, the talent scout ushering in a new global modernist movement from underground.

As the brightest star in Aquila, the Eagle, located on the neck, Altair has its Shadow and Light. The quest to fly high with an ideal propelling perilous swoops flirting with risky dangerous crashes to Earth. Here is the message of the balance in the tension of opposites crucial to the raising of vibrations in the complex sign of Aquarius

SEVENTH, the 2020 Great Conjunction is in a tight separating sextile with the Juno ingress in Sagittarius approaching Venus.
Juno in the sign ruling the higher mind, the law, philosophy and academia flowing in 60 degree aspect to the ruling sign of Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius ushers in gender equality as a new 360 worldview.

The astrologer Dawn Silver, born with a Sun/Jupiter conjunction trine Juno, provides this higher holistic perspective of Juno sextile Altair: “She speaks to the bonds and agreements in relation to structure, borders, the law, the courts, foreigners, and what is fair. This is an issue shared by many nations. Aquarius points to how we move forward into the next great relationship of both Jupiter and Aquarius in the trinity of Air. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius are the harbingers of a new government, guided by Juno’s counsel of balance.”

Revisioning Juno in Sagittarius 2020 digital collage by Lisa Streitfeld.

EIGHTH, the 2020 Great Conjunction marks the Great Shift from the cycle of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions in the material Earth signs to the ineffable Air signs — Libra (1981), Gemini and Aquarius (2020).

Here is an extensive analysis of the 2020 Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn.

We see the effects of this transition already from the new lexicon of “social distancing” and “self-isolation” to the radical transfer of commerce and business online. When we consider that the bandwidth for a Zoom meeting has only been available since 2008, we understand how the shift into the vibrational exchange of Aquarius has been taking place since the start of the millennium.

On May 28, 2000 at 12:04 PM EDT, Saturn Jupiter began their 20-year cycle in the zodiac in the sign of Taurus. In a particular house and aspect placement, the exact degree of the conjunction is where VALUE reigned for the past two decades. The 2000 conjunction @ 22.42 Taurus was elevated in the NYC astrological chart in the 10th house with Venus/Sun in Gemini ruling the media.

Paris Hilton, the Aquarian icon of the Saturn/Jupiter in Taurus era, is struggling to make a comeback for the 2020 conjunction:

Jupiter/Saturn in Taurus AstroPortrait digital collage by Lisa Streitfeld.

SATURN IN AQUARIUS DECAN 1 DATES Before 202O, the last time Saturn was in the first decant of Aquarius was Feb 1991 – Feb 1992. Here are the other dates since the start of the 20th century:
Jan 30, 1903, to Jan 26, 1904
Feb 24, 1932 to Nov 22, 1933
Jan 4, 1962, to Jan 10, 1963
Feb 7, 1991, to Feb 13, 1992
Mar 22 to July 1, 2020
Dec 17, 2020, to Dec 22, 2021

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