STILLNESS: KUNDALINI HANDBOOK is your crucial guide to survival under COVID-19! Dr. Lisa Streitfeld offers the first comprehensive handbook for Self-mastery in lockdown derived from decades of working as a philosopher, healer and critic.

THE SIX GOLDEN RULES have helped countless individuals transform destructive relationship patterns into a model of equal partnership, the Hieros Gamos. They are codified for the public in this comprehensive text combining healing with philosophy, physics, cultural criticism and astrology.

STILLNESS: KUNDALINI HANDBOOK is now available for purchase!


This first volume distills theorem shaking up the academy is newly accessible in ten comprehensive principles.  As the foundation to a co-creative approach to transformation, The Science of Magic creates powerful and immediate results for those who are ready for a quantum method of real inner change.  Techniques easily done in confinement such as CASSETTAWOMAN SPIRIT JOURNEYS teach the practice of embracing uncertainty by means of embodying the tension of opposites within.

With this text, the public has access now to an emerged Aquarian icon into higher consciousness.  Kulturindustrie philosopher Dr. Streitfeld is the daughter of Dr. Harold S. Streitfeld,  the founder of the 1960’s Human Potential Movement.  She reveals knowledge he taught her from his pioneering research and healing spiritual emergencies at his Kundalini Clinic.  Her evolutionary system of Self-transformation provides a method for riding the breaking quantum wave of the patriarchy and collective feminine emergence.  Along the way, she provides revolutionary insights into a 21st century critique of the collective kundalini awakening.

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