This is the cover of a text that will be published in 2021, when the world is ready to receive it. The Aphrodite Coverup drapes the Cypriot flag of the double olive branch over the naked body of a classical Greek statue refuting the authentic nature of Venus as a transgendered bisexual. Unlike the Greeks, the Persian knowledge of Venus as both Morning and Evening Star was evident in their religion. The Iranian worship of the duality of complementary opposites was embodied in their hermaphroditic deity, Mithra. The containment of tensions into the unity of the ever-present icon of the Hieros Gamos was established as religious practice by Zoroaster.

The Aphrodite Cover-Up is about a philosopher’s discovery of the ancient Cypriot Goddess which has been “covered up” by way of the Greek invention of Aphrodite, a latecommer to the Greek pantheon on Olympus who was, according to Homer, born in Cyprus.

The Aphrodite Cover-Up crosses several boundaries. It is for one an art book, with images of a project inspired by the author’s crossing back and forth over the border between Greek speakingCyprus and the Turkish speaking Republic of North Cyprus.  It also is a book of philosophy in which a woman philosopher struggles to marry her discovery of the resurgence of the ancient bisexual Love Goddess into her own corpus — her physical body and body of work — through the tracking of the Venus disappearance and helical rise as the Morning Star on Aphrodite’s Island in March 2017.

Yet, overall the book is a memoir in which the body and mind connect into a new archetype, the hieros gamos, even as the author seeks to find artifacts of this ancient religion on the island of Cyprus.

All this is contained in a single volume incorporating the heart and mind of a female philsopher seeking the passage between Heaven & Earth to manifest a 21st century icon declared by pioneers of philosophy (Richard Tarnas), psychology (C.G. Jung) and science (Wolfgang Pauli).

This revolutionary text discloses the new field of the archeology of gender for a new theory of trans/gender sourced in the Aquarian icon of the hieros gamos.  The book is also a handbook providing an exercize in which the reader can embark on the process of incorporating the new archetype by way of incorporating, via the seven chakras, the ancient goddess which the Greeks broke down into seven goddesses characterized by function.  

The original inspiration was a vision that descended during a stay at the Aphrodite Hotel. Each room the energetic space of one of the seven Greek Goddesses. Passing through the rooms in the ascending order of the chakras, the ultimate destination is White Light encompassing all six colors, the divine unity of the Hieros Gamos.

This is the presecribed path for women to embody the emerging feminine. The author has been committed to developing a practice based on this ancient system of embodiment. It actually works!

Descent to the Goddess will be the subject of her second handbook in the STILLNESS series following the May 6, 2020 publication of Kundalini Handbook: Six Golden Rules.

STILLNESS: KUNDALINI HANDBOOK is available for purchase here