IMBOLC REQUIEM: R.I.P. Sophie Xeon, Icon of the Hieros Gamos

“I can’t get too excited about anything happening now. I can get excited about what should be happening in the future.”

Sophie, Tracks Interview, October 2018

She died attempting to capture the Hieros Gamos Moon in Athens, the crossroads site of an earlier transgender crossing in 2015.

But she already had achieved this in her new transgendered persona bringing the sacred marriage…inside out…

“True to her spirituality she had climbed as much as watch the total moon and unintentionally slipped and fell. She’s going to all the time be right here with us.” Transgressive Record’s statement on Sophie’s death.

The forecast for this lunar cycle commencing in the January 13 New Sun (the first New Moon of the year) was a new culture movement arising under the crashing wave. Compelled to write this under the powerful influence of Moon conjunct Pluto on the personal and collective body, I didn’t think about how such a modern turn could suddenly happen, as a Uranian lightening bolt out of the blue.

Yet, here it is…as a Self creation…

….approaching the Libra Moon of Candlemas 2020, the gateway between the Winter Solstice Gateway of THE GREAT CONJUNCTION preceded by a SOLAR ECLIPSE IN SAGITTARIUS and the Aries Ingress of the SPRING EQUINOX.

Marrying inside and outside was a constant theme in Sophie ‘slyrics, as was her use of the Möbius strip symbol…

Sophie, of course, is the name of the Greek Goddess of Wisdom. Like every other Greek Goddess, she is being transgendered for the Age of Aquarius.

And this was precisely what was crystallized when Sophie died, when placing her body between Earth and Heaven on the roof of her apartment building.

I felt I could start using my body more as something to express through…and not fight against …and that is really the shift that happened.

Sophie interview on Tracks video, October 28, 2018

Art sourced in objective Truth is the cure for the binary dis-ease. The body is Truth.

The icon of the Hieros Gamos intégration that Sophie was seeking inside and projecting outwards through her evolution into SELF-actualisation as a living work of art.

The central icon formulating the universal theology of the Aquarian Age is the deepest of all the archetypes.

Sophie was unencumbered by the patriarchal archetypes in her plunge into the abyss to access and crystallize the 21st century icon in her persona in the short span of 34 years on Earth. Her transgender crossing was achieved by raising the vibration to the sacred from the profane as the post-postmodernism dynamism of opposites.

The artist whose ouevre is positioned in the Third space between opposites is what deserves immediate recognition, for it is in this tension of that which is newly emerging that the eternal truth of the absolute objective resides.

This was due to the innate spirituality in her Full Moon horoscope reinforced by her upbringing in a land steeped in the mythology of the Hieros Gamos by way of the historical marriage bond between the Scottish royalty and the daughter of Hughes Payans, Founder and First Grandmaster of the Knights Templar.

It was a clue that I placed inside FORTNIGHT OF QUANTUM CHANGE (bottom image).

Sophie’s Scottish héritage placed her right into the zeitgeist of the Hieros Gamos Emergence, along with her fellow Scot, Alexander McQueen.

In recovering these symbols and their meaning for THE GREAT CONJUNCTION, we get to the Truth in Media (Sagittarius/Gemini eclipses) vs. Gaslighting (the lower Neptune effect) by way of the objective Truth in Visual Media personifying the Pisces holistic archetype.

While the tension between corporate mainstream media and independent sources escalating into censorship, the Uranian surprise of the Leo Full Moon 2021 is the POP STAR who died in pursuit of the objective Truth regarding the collapsing wave.

The SOPHIE aesthetic lives up to the wisdom of name (love of wisdom in Greek) by tunneling into the future Uncertainty of the primal desire for union in the age of the Transhuman. The tension between these opposites — human/transhuman & commerce/art — is evident in the digital evolution from producer of PRODUCT into the Heidegerrian Becoming into the transgendered FACE. The definitive icon represents the collective aspiration for the inner peace and wisdom of Sophie as transmitter of the Hieros Gamos wisdom.

The duality revealed here brings the inside/out momentum of the Möbius strip into Beyond the Male Gaze transgender (R)evolution.

By way of this genius turning inside out on its literal head in FACESHOPPING (‘My face is the shop front. I’m real when I shop my face.’), Sophie’s legacy extends beyond her extraordinary face capturing this Third realm between the opposites where she placed her body in her fatal attempt to capture an image of the Full Moon that would transform her into global Superstar.

As the first authentic 21st century icon, this pop star has given humanity the gift of a freely available online archeology. This is the phenomenology of a new celebrity ontology in which the struggle to externalize the inner process of integration is the death of all that is known.

In sealing the youthful innocence unencumbered by artificial methods to retain its youth, Sophie is stamped permanently into the collective memory of this crucial passage into a new culture in which peace is defined by the equality of an inner gender balance.

A psychic friend emphasized the crucial importance of such a lightening exit from this plane of existence by sending me the lyrics to Joni Mitchell’s ballad about the hazards of pop culture success. The transgender aspect of a woman musician writing a song about her inner free man is particularly apt for the gender ending legacy of SOPHIE…whose death achieved the pop icon’s dream of immortality.

See my other two posts on SOPHIE whose iconic image and art reflects my FORTNIGHT OF QUANTUM CHANGE process of sealing the tapestry of my 3 decade GESAMTKUNSTWERK launched at the time of Sophie entering an Earth body: hermeneuticsofnewmodernism and Sophie and the Quantum Wave Collapse.



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