Fortnight 🌚🌝 of Quantum Change 🌊🏄🏻⚡️ 1/13 – 1/28

Lisa, learning these astrology or even numbers are for you to know the patterns of the universe and to apply them to your life so that you can play with the transitoriness of the bubbles knowing how to lift, float, pressurize an even burst these bubbles. Pointless in academic pursuit for the purpose of “research” which is a deep end of searching for your own tail.You understand these patterns and probable future states then you’ll live in abundance without the dread of poverty and misery, hates and unhappiness because you know that comes from play of particles and forces. Think about these things I share with you.

Dr. David Leong, PhD (1/04/21 email message)

Fortnight of Quantum Change celebrates the breakthrough of Chinese scholar and entrepreneur David Leong, who created a mapping of the Quantum shift from Wave into Particle through the 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching.

My 2010 paper Overcoming the Heisenberg Principle: Art Theory Arising Out of Wolfgang Pauli’s Collapsed Wave, identified the particle with the negative (feminine) charge and EGS wave with the positive (masculine) charge. Leong applies the language of quantum physics (quantum interconnectedness, entanglements, complémentaires, uncertainties, non-linearity) to the symbolic system of change in the I Ching: “Yin (represented by broken lines – -, or “0” in binary terms, denoting negative charge) and Yang (represented by -, or “1” in binary terms denoting positive charge).”

Thus, our happy marriage of concepts — the Hieros Gamos represented by the Seal of Solomon double triangle (hexagram) and the system of the 64 I Ching Hexagrams shifting between the two polarities of the Creative (6 yang lines) and Receptive (6 broken yin lines).

The Yijing contains most of the fundamental principles in the world, including the correlative relationship between yin and yang, or two opposing forces, which themselves include polarities such as bright and dark, moving and static, weak and strong, hidden and visible, and so forth. (Secter, 1998) When applied to human society, the relations between different polities are also in the network of such changes and interactions. This ancient book as a philosophical expression of tradition and transformation of the world as the book contains philosophical thinking on the cosmos and its development. The coverage span from nature, science, human, and civilization, cosmology, space-time and even to divination of the state of probabilities, forecasting the many world-possibilities in its mathematical formulation. The uninitiated see this as superstition but for those trained in the art of Yijing mathematical structure, it is a forecasting tool with deep dimensionalities.

— David Leong, The Relatedness of YiJing and Quantum Physics

“Bohr by his own account was in his youth when he was acquainted with Dao. It is clear that his knowledge of Chinese philosophy preceded his discovery of the complementarity principle in physics in 1928 (Allinson, 1998). Bohr, evidently, valued highly the ancient Chinese philosophy. The Yin/Yang complementarity including the way Yijing is interpretated are based on such similar principles, it is this exposure to the methodologies of epistemological strictures prescribed by the (so-called) scientific method (Sokal, 1996). The dogmatic regime imposed by the long post-Enlightenment hegemony by the Western intellectual outlook find lesser harmonization when the discoveries come to the particle-level science in microcosm.”

David Leong, “From Yijing to Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Physics”

The hexagram as the structure for the Hieros Gamos has been the foundation of this process begun by my father in his radical encounter group experiments in the early 1970s. His quest for interactive experiments with sound, body and sacred geometry exiled him from the progressive psychology network in New York City. It was then that he began his quest into mysticism that guided him into enlightenment at Mount Abu.

The discovery of David Leong’s scholarship marrying East & West timed to the Great Conjunction is the culmination of 24 years of gathering evidence (to borrow the title of quantum Aquarian stylist Thomas Bernhard’s biography) for the @hieroshiva GESAMTKUNSTWERK. This quantum reality of past/present/future converging filtered through the systematic process of binary: Yang (wave —/1) and particle Yin (particle – – /0). The quest was to map the surrender of wave changing into particle (Certainty) after decades of holding the tension of opposites in Uncertainty (the wave shifting into particle and particle shifting into wave). Previous proactive experience is viewed from the place of the quantum wave collapse as shifts into Kairos.

OUTCOME ….SUCCESS!!! Wave collapses into particle from 1/22-1/25 during the three day duration of Saturn conjunct the Sun (January 24).

Bohr’s discovery highlighted the interaction between the observer and the external world and the interactions and intervention at every stage of observation and including the way and manner the observation is described and framed in a language. There is a certain entanglement. “Phenomenon” as Bohr described includes the observed object, the clinically, unambiguous result of the observation with descriptions of the conditions of the apparatus or experiment to derive the outcomes. There is no straightforward relationship between language and measurement as they are integrally linked and meshed. Language, in its fullest descriptions, does not represent the world “as it is”, nor do measurements represent a deterministic exactitude independent of the observed object itself. Language, measurement, as well as the observer, are part of the same whole, which is a radical shift from the assumptions of Newtonian physics and Cartesian epistemology (Fierke, 2019). Bohr’s discovery significantly reworks understandings of space, time, matter, causality, agency, subjectivity and objectivity and mostly on the same page as Yijing’s worldview.

David Leong

« Quantum mechanics relates to experience. Quantum mechanics, according to the pragmatists, all, science is the study of correlations between experiences.

David Leong

Therefore, the discovery of David Leong’s breakthrough timed to the Great Conjunction is the culmination of 24 years of gathering evidence (to borrow the title of quantum stylist Aquarian Thomas Bernhard for his biography) which makes up the @hieroshiva GESAMTKUNSTWERK.


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