CANCER FULL MOON: Emotional Excess, Soul Consciousness and Closure

The final Full Moon of this transitional year is elevated on the Midheaven (EST). The angular intensity of the overwhelming emotions in tense square to Chiron (revitalized by his mate Chariklo) determines soul consciousness as essential healing for closure.

The Cancer Full Moon opposed Pholus has brought into my consciousness the ‘soul consciousness’ of the International Brahma Kumaris Movement. After his experience with a guru, my father reached the epitome of his search on the mountain where he found powerful women directly channeling the spiritual source. The Brahma Kumaris symbol reflects their belief that God is an incorporeal point of light.

The more devastating the year on an individual level, the more crucial the need to take this emotionally intense time to purify, process and surrender deep on the soul level. Closure under this particularly challenging Cancer Full Moon isn’t just about bringing the year — that all of humanity is eager to put in the past — to an end. The deeper the descent, the more profound the soul connection. Allowing repressed memories to surface is soul tracking this and past lifetimes.

It is about Pholus.

‘For there to be world peace, we have to have women rule,’ my father said after his experience at World Spiritual University in Mount Abu. The International Brahma Kumaris Movement believes time is cyclical. My father would often relay their understanding of the ‘eternal return’ 5,000-year cycle, composed of four ages (yugas) of 1250 years: the Golden Age (Satya Yuga), the Silver Age (Treta Yuga), the Copper Age (Dvapara Yuga), and our current Iron Age (Kali Yuga) which will bring Destruction that will cleanse the Earth. He used to declare that the Destruction will be nuclear war between the U.S.A. and Russia. Afterwards, the cycle will return to the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius.

Pholus is joining the Full Moon party to inform us that life as we knew it will not return to ‘normal.’ If we have consciously gone through the Dark Night of the Soul under the Great Pause of 2020, then we are well prepared for living as a fully awakened being under the upcoming transits in Aquarius.

With actions taken under a powerful Pholus influence, there is no turning back. This means that the efforts put into closure will be lasting as the preliminary for embracing a holistic lifestyle.

The Yod with Juno in Sagittarius sextile Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius aids in detachment from the emotional devastation of the boomerang with the Sun/Moon opposition. Vesta in Virgo ( rising) is about purifying the body to filter psychic awareness as insight to conflicting and overpowering feelings. Mars still under the powerful effect of Pluto offers opportunities for transformation of behavior through awareness.

I have a special connection to Pholus, as I was born with the asteroid conjunct the midpoint between my Sun and Venus in Aquarius. I was under a powerful Pholus in Sagittarius influence connecting me to my ancestral uncorking when I was publishing my Master’s thesis. Naturally, Pholus made its way into the text:

I starting digging into lesser-known Greek myths for a story of conversion. There was indeed to be found a tension of sameness versus radical difference in another centaur, Pholus. The centaurs were as unstable as the orbits of the asteroids bearing their names. Yet, Pholus was gifted in a way that made him, like the healer Chiron, stand out from the tribe of wildly unstable bodies fusing hunter with the beast hunted. One day he had a visitor, the son of Zeus. Heracles had just finished his fourth labor, the capture of the Erymanthian Boar, and entered the centaur’s cave with a wicked thirst. His host was keeper of a cask of wine given to him by Dionysius. This was, in fact, the holiday spirit passed down through three generations. The popping of the cork created chaos. The other centaurs became intoxicated by the smell and rushed up to the cave where Heracles shot them with poisoned arrows. Chiron got wounded in the foot. Pholus attempted to save him and died.

There are three different versions of the myth as to how Hercules came to drink the precious community wine: 1) Pholus refuses to give the Heracles any wine, honoring the communal property of the centaur tribe, and so the thirsty muscleman takes the cask, breaks it open, and guzzles it down; 2) Hercules talks Pholus into giving him the wine; and 3) Pholus enacts the consummate host, offering the wine to Heracles.

These three versions depict the three possible reactions of a host to an unexpected Visitor who brings in a life-changing situation with a pop of a cork. The first is outright refusal. The second is abdication of responsibility by allowing oneself to be strong-armed. The third is a complete and unqualified surrender to the demands of the intruder.

An expanded version reveals the celestial wine as a gift for breaking the tension of opposites. In this story Pholus was given the wine as a pres- ent for resolving an argument between Dionysius (god of wine and ecstasy) and Hephaestus (the Vulcan god of the metallurgical arts.) On one side was the mystical getting lost in the (drunken) experience; on the other is the transference of tension into art. The opposition between Dionysius and Hephaestus could only be resolved through a third solution, the middle path leading to uncertainty—where the awaited future suddenly happens, and events escalate into the cycle of death/rebirth.

Lisa Streitfeld, Hermeneutics of New Modernism (Atropos, 2014, p. 67).

Indeed, I was uncorking the ‘ancestral wine’ when I wrote that text (quoted above). It was the beginning of my efforts to ‘make public’ the implications of my father’s pioneering research on the kundalini. When Pholus hit my natal Midheaven at Zero Capricorn last January, I did an interview about my personal awakening that took place over his coffin in 1983 when Sister Denise comforted me by placing her hands on my crown. The next day, I was invited to take my father’s place at the Global Peace Conference at World Spiritual University in Mount Abu.

The New Sun of 2021 conjunct Pluto is going to be a harsh expulsion into the new world post-Covid19…

‘As Above; So Below’: This powerful Full Moon integrates the strong Cancerian ancestral roots below the surface as fortification of the Capricorn branching into new professional networks.

…All the more essential to make special effort for purification and self- care while in this crucial exiting of the birth canal.


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