Excavating Beyond the Male Gaze
The Alchemy of Love: Hieros Gamos performance, 23 January 2008 at the Lab Gallery in Midtown Manhattan anticipated the 21 December Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction on the 2020 Winter Solstice following the 14 December Solar Eclipse on the Galactic Center.

The Alchemy of Love five-chapter multimedia project was launched with a priestess celebrating the Aquarius New Moon of January 20, 2007. The ritual performance initiated a pioneering New Media experiment to digitally capture the crucial passage of the Emergence of the Hieros Gamos from the collective unconscious into personal consciousness and finally the collective consciousness. The mission was launched with the New York avant garde via the 2005 multimedia performance collaboration In Illo Temporewith fellow Aquarian Daniel Rothbart. This was followed by Icons of the 21st Century. Both projects were performed at the Lab Gallery.

Two decades of evoking the 23 January 1997 icon of the Hieros Gamos entering the human collective expérience through the 2020 Gateway.

The formation of the six-fold Hieros Gamos icon in the psyche was phenomenologically reflected in the Seal of Solomon Double Triangle conjunctio between Heaven & Earth under the Jupiter/Uranus/Neptune conjunction with the Sun in Aquarius on January 23, 1997.

Hieros Gamos: Icon of the 21St Century

Descent to the Hieros Gamos

Hieros Gamos: A Universal Theology for thé Âge of Aquarius

Hieros Gamos: A Brief History of the Universal Icon

This blog was launched on the 22 year anniversary of the 23 January 1997 Seal of Solomon between Heaven & Earth under the Uranus/Jupiter Conjunction on the Aquarius Sun.
The worldwide call for a meditation on 23 January 1997

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