The Saturn/Pluto Conjunction & the Earth-Shaking Eclipses Ushering in the 2020s

What feels like a Void, a nullification of self, is actually the passage hurtling through space to the 21St Century Archetype, the a Hieros Gamos.

Are you feeling decimated?

You are not alone!

The January 10 Cancer Lunar Eclipse is the most potent in centuries. The eclipse preceded by only two days the Pluto Saturn Conjunction.

The last Pluto Saturn Conjunction was 500 years ago, triggering the Protestant Reformation)

 Five hundred years ago, on Oct. 31, 1517, the small-town monk Martin Luther marched up to the castle church in Wittenberg and nailed his 95 Theses to the door, thus lighting the flame of the Protestant Revolution.

The Eclipse is penetrating to the core of human emotions, revealing what it means to be human. This is because the Moon is in its ruling sign, Cancer, opposing the Sun in Capricorn, which is about society and its rulers.

This eclipse is about power, responsibility and accountability.

It is also about the rise of the face of the feminine (North Node in the First House) and launch of the Sky Goddess (Venus in Aquarius on the MC).

Gemini Rising is about the Hermetic Opposites. The chart ruler Mercury is inside the Capricorn stellium with the Pluto-Saturn Conjunction, the message is to take responsibility for a personal evolution into the 360 vision of Aquarius (Venus on the Midheaven).

To be able to integrate a vision of Self-mastery, we must put on our X-Ray glasses to penetrate deeper beyond the surface reality. Understanding the deeper dynamics in relationships allows us to cut the invisible binds.

We are seeing very public cases of individuals knocked down by their irresponsibility over their public duties — from President Donald Trump to the Duke & Duchess of Sussex. In both cases, the impeachment of a Trump and the abrupt revolt of the Sussex duo from the royal family, the Signifier at work is the Shadow.

Capricorn and it’s ruler in its home sign are bringing karmic matters into clear connection with the Shadow.

2020 is a power year. Two plus two equals 22, the ultimate power number. Who is worthy of being raised to that power is determined by self-control. Self control requires inner wisdom (Saturn) and self-knowledge (Uranus) adding up to the Aquarian icon of the Hieros Gamos, the Sacred Marriage between Heaven & Earth. The inner sacred marriage is the outcome of surrendering to the Shadow. Yet, the external battles are taking place over the topography in which the religion of the birth of civilization took place and was transmitted through the globe — Iraq and Iran.

Why is this?

Public figures projecting the personal Shadow into the public sphere, such as Trump, will have to finally have to face accountability. The struggle taking place over the universal culture arising from the birth of civilization in the Fertile Crescent has EVERYTHING to do with the marriage of opposites.

When Saturn is embodied as Self-containment instead of being projected as Satan, there will be no need for negative projection to bring our inner dark impulses into awareness. This is what Trump was clearly doing when he pulled the trigger on Iran in an election year — doing the very same deed that he accused his predecessor of doing in 2011.

On 3 January 2020, a U.S. drone strike near the Baghdad International Airport led to the death of Iranian major general Qasem Soleimani of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Soleimani was commander of the Quds Force, which has been deemed a terrorist organization by the United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and was considered the second most powerful person of Iran. (Wikipedia)

In retaliation, Iran missiles struck US bases in Iraq on January 8.

Iranian hackers broke into a US government website with this message along with a bloody image of Trump being punched in the face.

The trigger of events that resulted was a Ukrainian airline accidentally shot down by an Iranian anti-aircraft missile, killing 176 people.

The momentous year 2020 is when the buck stops HERE and humans finally understand that the binaries embedded into the psyche by the establishment are distractions from the holistic evolution of the spiral.

The eclipse cycle beginning on December 26, 2019 had a big red signifier screaming Finger on the Trigger with Aries Rising putting the Capricorn stellium on the Midheaven on the East Coast USA.

The good news is that the Moon conjunct Charikon is serving as the midwife for the death of the old ego identified self and the birth of a new Self, the Hieros Gamos.

January 10: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

By way of background, you might recall that an annular eclipse of the Sun occurred on December 26, 2019. Annular and total solar eclipses require the Moon to cross directly in front of the Sun as seen from Earth — and, as the graphic below shows, such “central” solar eclipses can only occur within a two-week-long interval when the Moon crosses the ecliptic during one of its two nodal crossings each year. However, the node-crossing “season” for partial solar eclipses is wider, roughly five weeks long.

Eclipse node (side view)

Eclipses only happen near the time when the Moon crosses the ecliptic plane, an alignment that occurs twice each year. This “eclipse season” is longer for partial solar eclipses than for total or annular events.
Jay Anderson

And so, two weeks after December 26th’s annular eclipse, after the Moon has moved to the opposite side of its orbit and becomes full, it grazes the northern edge of Earth’s shadow during a penumbral lunar eclipse. This is a particularly deep incursion into the penumbra, and in fact the Moon just misses dipping into the much darker umbra. So an attentive observer should notice that the southern half of the lunar disk looks a little dusky. However, to see this “barely there” eclipse, you’ll need to be in Europe, eastern Africa, Asia, or western Australia. It’s a daylight event — and thus unobservable — in North and South America.


The January 10 Lunar Eclipse is the most potent in centuries, ushering in an extremely potent last six months of the cycle begun in July 12, 2018:

  • January 5, 2019- Capricorn Solar Eclipse
  • July 2, 2019- Cancer Solar Eclipse
  • July 16, 2019- Capricorn Lunar Eclipse
  • December 25, 2019- Capricorn Solar Eclipse
  • January 10, 2020- Cancer Lunar Eclipse
  • June 20, 2020- Cancer Solar Eclipse
  • July 4, 2020- Cancer Lunar Eclipse